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L-1 Petitions for Intracompany Transferees: Our Focus

Our experienced and highly sophisticated attorneys and law clerks are very proud of ourselves to have helped numerous multinational (mainly Chinese) companies establish, expand and/or operate their businesses in the United States by successfully handling their L-1 work visa petitions for their intracompany transferees as their immigration attorney, and/or providing other legal services as their corporate and business counsel. L-1 has become SHENLAW, LLC's primary area of practice over the years.

Serving as Your L-1 Immigration Counsel  

By serving as your L-1 related immigration counsel, we provide, inter alia , the following services:

  • Providing initial consultation in person, by telephone, or through email, making sure that a viable case for L-1 petition exists
  • Collecting all required supporting documents from clients
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and selecting from, all documents supplied by clients, making sure that such documents, as selected, are in our judgment acceptable by USCIS officers
  • Making sure that all important evidentiary documents supplied by clients in a language other than English are accompanied with adequate English translations
  • Classifying and numbering all required supporting documents with Exhibit Nos. in accordance with a classification and numbering system uniquely developed by SHENLAW, LLC
  • Completing Form G-28, Form I-129, Form I-129 L (and other forms, such as Form I-907, as may be necessary) properly
  • Having clients review and sign required forms
  • Submitting the petition package to the relevant USCIS service center
  • Responding to the USCIS' Notice of Request for Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), where applicable
  • Preparing a Form I-290B Appeal, drafting an Appeal Brief, and submitting an Appeal package, where applicable
Serving as Your Corporate and Business Counsel  

At extra legal fees, and with your authorization, we may also serve as our clients' corporate and business law counsel by providing the following services that are relevant to the establishment and operations of your U.S. entity:

  • Providing consultations to clients on legal aspects of multinational business operations, especially those relevant to L-1 intracompany transferees
  • Assisting clients' with drafting corporate resolutions and other documents for the company abroad in regard to its decision to establish a subsidiary or branch company in the United States, and/or to transfer its executive, manager or employee with specialized knowledge to its U.S. subsidiary
  • Where needed and applicable, filing Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, or Articles of Organization in the United States on behalf of clients
  • Assisting clients with drafting corporate resolutions and/or other documents for the U.S. company relevant to its job offer to the L-1 intracompany transferee and/or his or her qualifications
  • Assisting clients with drafting certifications for the company abroad in regard to the intracompany transferee's qualifying employment abroad
  • Assisting clients with drafting certifications or other documents for the company abroad and the U.S. company in regard to the qualifying relationship between the company abroad and the U.S. company
  • Assisting clients with applying for patents, and/or for trademark registration, where applicable
  • Assisting clients with contracting and entering into transactions
  • Interfacing with the clients’ management or decision-makers
  • Assisting with clients’ decision-making as counsel
  • Overseeing the legal affairs of the company, where applicable
  • Directing the company’s legal operations, where applicable
  • Advising on, and directing the legal aspects of the company’s business planning and budget development
  • Assuring compliance with statutes, laws and regulations (e.g., regulations relating to insurance, labor, environmental, licensing, etc.)
  • Advising the company's management on legal issues
  • Advising and handing the company’s visa and immigration matters
  • Managing and maintaining liaison with legal staff, independent contractors or outside counsel, where applicable
  • Performing other related duties incidental to the work described above, or as may be authorized or delegated.